On Being 50...

Several months ago I posted on "Turning Fifty" (read here).   That milestone has come and gone as of 2 days ago, and what I wrote then still holds true today.....

Made all the more special with a little insight from my 16 year old.

The card (complete with silver charm engraved with the word "DREAM") reads...

You've always put everyone else's dreams and passions ahead of your own.

And that's a beautiful part of who you are- how much you care about the people you love.

But your dreams are just as important.  And I really think that now is your time.

Your time to do some things for you.  Your time to explore whatever calls to you now.

And I hope this birthday is just the start of a year of discovery for you.

Because no one deserves it more than you, Mom." 

Happy Birthday Mom- Love Davis

The strange thing is, 2 months ago while I was looking for a birthday card for my mother, I came across this exact same card.  I loved the thought behind it, but it wasn't necessarily appropriate for my mother.  But I remember thinking what a cool card it was.....and low and behold it came back to me.  I consider that a gift in itself! 

More importantly, it's the perfect sentiment for my visions of my future.... and all I still hope to achieve (regardless of my advancing years!).  I hope you join me in the ride!  And the charm.... it will happily join the other love tokens given to me by my kids on my key ring!

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