"the Birthday bush"...

Just something to brighten your day (and we need it around here.... 2 weeks of rain, flooding, etc and I'm startin' to mold!).

Gardenias have always been one of my favorite flowers.  When I was younger, my parents planted a bush at the side of the house outside my bedroom window.  It's funny, too, 'cause neither one of my parents particularly LIKE gardenias.... but they planted it for me.

When my middle son was born, I was given a small gardenia bush as a gift from a co-worker.  We planted it in the back yard (sixteen years ago) and it has gotten huge.  My youngest son's bush was accidentally mowed down years ago, so when I planted a new bed in my front yard several years back I made sure he had a "birthday bush" planted as well.

The blooms only last a couple of days, but they smell wonderful and I'm happy to have them even for a short time.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


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