A Necessary Update for the Crate...

...furniture that is!  Which is nearly (or the same as...) Cargo furniture.  I've had this set of bunk beds since my oldest (now going on 29!) was a child.

The picture above is not my actual set, but it's very close!  I think I originally paid about $40 for the set almost 20 years ago and it has made the rounds in this house.  All of my boys have had it in their rooms at one time or another.  A few years ago, I took the beds apart and used one in one of my son's rooms, and stored the other. 

My youngest is going to be 15 this year.... I think it's time the ole' crate furniture was retired... and so does he!

But I'm glad I hung on to all of it as we need "kids furniture" at our house in Nags Head.  We've used the third, smallest bedroom there as a home office.  Now that we're putting it into a rental program, we need to use the room as a third bedroom.  But the beds have been through it and couldn't be used as is. 

I had wanted to use my fav ASCP in Graphite (as I used in the Living Room makeover) but I was a little nervous about the wear and tear on the bed and how it might hold up in a rental house.  I ended up using my old standby Behr's Black Suede in a satin egg-shell finish instead.  I painted one coat of primer and 2 coats of paint.  After waiting a day or so, I finished it with1 coat of poly-crylic on the bed and 2 coats on the ladder.  

I've still got the upper set to complete, but hopefully the paint will hold over the course of the season with  little wear.  I can always touch up over the winter, or eventually replace if need be when finances allow.

For now, I am very happy with the results and can't wait to pull things together with bedding and accessories.  We should be able to get it set up sometime this week, so I'll be sure to post the after pics when we're done.

And the best part for me is although it's a 20 year old set that had seen better days, I think it looks nearly new now.  And once I make some pillows and stuff it will look great!

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  1. Lora, that Black Suede sounds great ~ do you get Behr at Home Depot? (We don't have one in town; just Lowe's ~ however, several years ago a local store carried it ~ (since closed) ~ and there was a white I just loved ~ great coverage!) Getting ready to revamp some end tables with "tray" tops; Mr. B. is going to do the tops in black granite tile...I think I need to try it!

  2. I think it looks great too.. Better than new, actually.

    I know ya know this but I am such a worry wort lol... PLEASE make sure you have great insurance on that rental , especially if you use that ladder. if anyone were to fall- oh my gosh, what a mess that could be for ya'll..

  3. It probably helps that this was when they made furniture out of real wood, Lora! : ) It sounds like it has served your family well and sending it on "vacation" is a nice retirement for it. From what I can see it looks great. That's a nice black ~ not harsh. I'm looking forward to seeing your final outcome!

  4. I like the paint color too, it will look great in it's new home, I'll be back to see when you get it all set in it's new room!

  5. I love the new paint color! I think it's going to look great. Based on the begging of the post, I thought you were going to get rid of them. I'm so glad you didn't because I think they are so cool and they have so much family history!

  6. Anonymous3:55:00 PM

    I two have the cargo bunkbeds, my boys are 22 and 24. We are storing them now but holding on to them for the grankids i hope to have one day. Love the paint, I have to remember that, it looks awesome! Rachel Beal

  7. Anonymous3:56:00 PM

    Woops, too*


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