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As a single mother of three amazing boys (now turned "men"), I have always had to be crafty when it came time for gift giving at the holidays.
What started out of the necessity for frugal gifts for teachers, babysitters and family eventually became an outlet for all of the creative ideas I had swirling around in my head. 
Eight years ago, a teacher (and now dear friend) who taught all three of my boys (and was the recipient of many a home made gift) opened her own home décor shop and asked to carry my line of hand-made soaps.... the rest is, as they say, history.
While I continue to make soap, linen sprays, drawer sachets and other toiletries, I have really found a passion in the refinishing and refurbishing of antique and vintage furniture, as well as the custom creation of home décor & textiles.
 Every day I learn something new.... and challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone.  As a "mid century" woman on my own, I am slowly finding a way to take what I see in my mind and create it in form. 

My first upholstery job... couldn't afford a new sofa & loveseat, so I taught myself how to cover my hand-me-down set with drop cloths... and a LOT of patience!

 This blog has transformed many times over the past few years... and could change again.  But for now, I'm loving the journey I'm on. 
For every success I have, I am thankful for my parents that gave me the "creative gene" and the ability to pass those genes along to my own sons. 
Equally important are the numerous blogs and talented authors that willingly share their successes (and failures) so that people like me will take the leap of faith in themselves.  The wealth of knowledge and generosity is truly incredible!
With that said, I hope to also inspire someone to "just do it".  Take that leap and feel great about yourself and what you can accomplish.

"You're never too old to set a new goal... or dream a new dream". 
CS Lewis.



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