A Handmade; Homemade Christmas Day 2

As promised (though a day late), the next item on my Christmas gift list is homemade aftershave.

I slightly modified the recipe I found here and it turned out great.  All of the ingredients are easily found and very inexpensive... the fragrance oil is the most expensive part.  I ordered two "manly" scents, as most of the soaps and toiletries I make are for women.  Bay Rum & Barbershop Blend are the 2 I choose (from here).

Different fragrance oils have different properties.... some are "heavier" than others and will not incorporate as easily.  Not to worry if your aftershave separates (as the one of the right shows)... the mix needs to be shaken before use each time anyway and will blend back together!

I had the bottles on hand, but you could easily use containers you have around the house.  I created the label using a blank advertising label from The Graphic's Fairy (awesome site for free images) and created my own text.... "Pop's Barbershop" is the barber my kids would go to in Mass. when we used to travel up there during the holidays.  My sons will get a kick out of that!

Next up... a canvas fire wood tote for my youngest. 

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