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Sometimes my kids crack me up.  My two youngest are 14 & 15 (soon to be 15 & 16).  Up until the last year or so, my youngest has always had to be told to take a shower every day.... not sure why, but apparently hygiene was low on his list of priorities!

Thankfully that's changed (I think it has something to do with discovering girls...but I digress).  He loves him some Axe body products, but that stuff is not cheap!  A couple of years ago, my Uncle Merrill took both of the boys for a week over the summer holiday.  He hooked them each up with a "ditty bag" of their own.

*As an aside.... not sure why we call it a "ditty bag", but I always have.  It's the term my father uses and apparently my uncle as well.  Maybe it's a military thing... maybe we're just weird. uncle hooked them up with a "toiletries bag" complete with electric razor, toothpaste, brushes & floss, and a bottle of his personal favorite.... Old Spice.  Carson now loves him some Old Spice! (my thanks to my uncle.... much easier on the wallet!).

When we were in Mass. over the holidays, my man brought this home for the boys.

It was his father's and he has many a fond memory of his dad using it when he was little.

And my sons?  They love it 'cause it was "Pep's".


  1. We call them ditty bags too.( Originally from the UK), may have something to do with sailing too.

  2. Here by way of Sonny. Cute blog. I love what you have done with your home. I had three boys, I know what you are talking about.
    I grew up with Old Spice from my Dad.
    Come visit me at Cozy Blanket.

  3. New follower from 155 Dream Lane. Neighbor from SC. Hope to become longtime blogging friend.

  4. What a treasure! My grandpa had one of those too so it brings back fond memories of him. I'm another neighbor from SC. I'll be dropping by again soon.

  5. I have my grandpa's shaving mug and brush. I also have the soap and the little can the soap came it. I cherish it! As your boys will your beautiful cup!

  6. Thanks for becoming a follower and stopping by for a visit.

    It's so neat to have the mug and brush. Such a sweet treasure!

  7. Love the mug and brush, what a treasure. I am visiting from Sonny's and your newest follower. I host a Table Top Tuesday party every week and have the linky thing up on Monday evenings. It would be a great place to showcase some of your vignettes and get more people to see your blog. The party is for any surface that you can decorate, tables, mantels, end tables, counter tops, shelves, bookcases or whatever. Hope you will join in. Hugs, Marty


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