Decorating.... Sometimes it's like a rash.....

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I just get the "itch" to change things up.  It starts out as something simple, but then the more you touch it, the the more it spreads.

Kinda' like a rash....

The other day I decided to re-arrange the stuff on my Hoosier cabinet.  I pulled out all of my favorite serving pieces that I like to use every day, and just started to play around.  I wanted to put out some of my silver plate pieces, so I grabbed one of my soap dishes to hold them and they fit just right!

But then I needed something else.... a runner or something to put everything on.  Out came the sewing machine and I whipped up this runner with left over drop cloth and a one of my napkins (love this Waverly print, but can't seem to find the fabric on-line... if you've seen it, please share!) for the ruffle.

Once that was down, I didn't like the look of all of my cookbooks hanging out.  Back to the sewing machine.... and I whipped up this little curtain in matching fabric ( from 2 napkins sewn together).  Much better...

But then I realized I didn't have a tension rod small enough to fit... so I pulled one apart and cut it to length.  The little rubber feet are holding it in place.

The little "milk bottle" is actually a re-cycled Starbucks coffee drink bottle that I spray painted white, and created a milk label for.  It's one of a set of three I made, and is just right for holding small bouquets of flowers...

I'm much happier now.... but nothing is ever a "one-step" process for me.  I guess that's why when my man asks me "what did you do today?".... my answer of "re-arranged the Hoosier cabinet " gets me that "and.....???" look!

At least he doesn't verbalize the "what else?" part!  The look says it all!!

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  1. Hi Lora! I just read an introductory post to your blog via Sonny's blog. It's nice to meet you! This is such a pretty vignette you set up. I love the fabric you used on the runner's ruffle and over your cookbooks.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Hi Lora just popped over from Sonny's blog and it's so nice to meet you. Such a pretty cabinet and beautiful vignette. Just became your newest follower:) Stop by when you have a chance.

  3. LOVE your hoosier....the little curtain fabric is so pretty too! The whole vignette is just gorgeous :o)
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Hi, Lora! I know exactly what you mean about whipping up things like your runner at the last minute! :) Love your white dishes! So very pretty!

  5. Hi Lora, you have a lovely blog and it's so nice to met you. I'm now one of your newest followers and looking forward to following along thanks to Sonny. Oh by the way, I love your Hoosier cabinet! ~Gail

  6. Oh my goodness how cute!! First, I love the cabinet and the color it is. I also love your sewing project! I especially love the ruffle on the end. I am loving ruffles these days!! Thanks for stopping by:-)

  7. Oh my! I love the black on this Hoosier Cabinet and the curtain is the sweetest--it's perfection.


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