We Don't Do Shiny...

My girlfriend asked me the other day what my man got me for Valentine's Day.... "something shiny?".  We don't do "shiny".... or bling on V-Day.

But I am loved extremely well, nonetheless.  And yes, he's spelled Valentine wrong not once but twice..... and even tells me so on the inside of the card.  Makes it all the more special to me... thanks Carson!  And the answer is "yes- any day of the week"...

His brother "disappeared" after he got home from school and later surprised me with these... Red roses and what looks like azaleas (but they're not.... can't remember the name now.... I know it starts with an "A"). Thanks Davis.... I love you, too!

And my favorite flower from my favorite man.... Oriental Lilies.  And they smell wonderful!

Fading white lilies and roses...

And a lovely surprise from the girlfriend...

As for shiny...well there was a little bit of that, too - just not of the type she was referring to.  I'll post about that on another day!

For me, nothing "shines" brighter than knowing you are loved!


  1. Beautiful! My fav is that Lily! Thanks for stopping by to visit me too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Hi...I'm bj from Sweet Nothings and your sweet friend, Sonny, told me to come by and I ALWAYS do as I am told. :)) Sure glad, too, because I really enjoyed your Valentine post. So sweet. That's the kind of shiny I love too. :))
    I am linking up to follow and would love for you to come see me sometime. I am pretty boring...a great-grandmother that post mostly about grandjoys and cooking....but I sure would like you to stop by when you can. :))
    xo bj

  3. So nice to meet you. Sonny sent me over from her lovely site and I am really glad she did. Looking forward to getting to know you and being a new follower.
    Your flowers are beautiful and the card is really special
    Glad you had such a special Valentines Day

  4. Hi Lora,
    Came over from Sonny's to welcome you to blogland. and Amen, to the nothing shines brighter than feeling loved. Wow, you got some lovely flowers there, you must be like me, flowers make me a happy girl, nothing like the beauty and fun of flowers, never met one I didn't like but I particularly like roses and lilies. Glad you had a lovely valentines day.
    and nice to meet you,
    blessings, Nellie

  5. I found your blog through Sonny's and it seems I never get enough of checking out inspiring blogs with interestiing pics. I'll happily be looking around for awhile.

    The other red flowers that came with your roses are alstroemeria. They are actually related to your beloved lilies. I think the 3 flowers that you received for V-day are some of my 3 faves. You just can't beat how well the lily and alstroemeria last and if you pick the right rose variety and keep their water fresh they last and last as well. It looks like you were 1 loved lady.


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