The Right Paint Does Make a Difference...

After my epic fail at attempting to re-create Mercury Glass (posted here), I gave it one more try.  After hitting every local hardware/paint store in my area, the elusive Krylon Looking Glass spray paint was not to be found.  I finally broke down and ordered it on-line from Amazon.

*Note: if you're shopping for this paint locally, it may be helpful to know that the can itself is relatively small- 6 oz. compared to a normal spray paint that is 12 oz.  So if you're scanning the spray paint shelves, look for a "mini-can".  I didn't realize this until the box arrived!

As we know, on my first attempt I used Rustoleum silver metallic paint.

Hated it!  I tried it on the inside, on the outside.... all around the sides!  No matter what the paint can top looks like, this is not "reflective" (as stated).  It's flat and grey looking...

The flameless candles aren't helpin' either!  Makes them look even worse!

But lo and behold.... with the right paint, I wound up with this!

Can you tell the difference?

I got a little "spray paint" happy & started looking for any and everything to paint!

I've only put 2 coats on the vase... I may go for one more light coat.  But for a vase that almost went out with the trash, I must say I'm likin' it just fine.  And you can actually see a reflection of the votives on the vase... the Rustomleum "reflective spray paint"?  Not so much!

So what are some of your project "do-overs"?  Failure or success?

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