Another Use for Vintage Bark Cloth...

In this post, I told you how I had come into possession of numerous yards of vintage bark cloth.  I've made mini stockings, garland, and even given away a goodly portion of it and still have several yards left over.

Enter the ruffled tree skirt that MMS showed us here.   I know you've seen duplicates all over blogland and pinned repeatedly, but here's one more.... my take on the "no sew" tree skirt.

It looks huge in these pictures, but wrapped around the base of the tree it fits perfectly!

This is the tree skirt I've used for the past 10 years ('scuse the wrinkles & all.... our cat doesn't bother the tree, but loves to roam around underneath it!).  Gotta' hide those cords better!

This is my vintage bark cloth version..... a LOT of color going on, but when I finally get to decorate my tree in neutrals one day (read after my kids have grown...'cause Christmas just ain't Christmas without the same decorations year after year!) the skirt will be all the color we'll need!

It would also help if I broke up the monotony a little with different wrapping paper!

So outside of the "gotta-lotta-red goin' on", and the presents that blend in, I'm liking my new skirt very much!

I cut my strips about 4 inches wide and just ran a bead of hot glue down and "smooshed" the material into the glue to make the ruffles.  Many people have said the project is a tedious one, and it is to some degree.  But I had mine done in less than 4 hours (while watching Miracle on 34th Street).

A great movie & four hours well spent!

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