People that know me well, know I have a hang-up with cords.  I can't stand seeing them and will go to great lengths to hide/disguise them in any way I can.

The basket on the right.... a desperate attempt to hide the TV cord (that you can still see 'cause it's not long enough to completely tuck behind).

I also don't like clutter (though I always seem to have a fair amount laying around).  When we finally got a new TV for the porch, we gave up the "pay-per-view" channels and got rid of the cable box.  That left us with the DVD player and no where for it to go.

The fix?  Easy and inexpensive.... a piano hinge!  Bonus... it happened to match the brass hardware on the dresser!

Works like a charm! (and gives me another spot to hide some of that clutter!)

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