Sunday Night Suppers....

We eat dinner at the dining room table on Sunday nights...complete with china, silver, and bottle of wine and a nice meal ("with three things on the plate" as my best friend would say... but that's a joke for another day).  In a house full of men this may seem kinda strange, but...

For my man's birthday two years ago, the kids and I surprised him (he'd been out of town the week prior and was just getting back late that afternoon).

The boys polished the silver, I cleaned the china (it gets dusty from neglect, even in the cabinet!) and we set the table, lit the candles, turned off the TVs (yes... that's plural- everyone seems to want to watch something different!) and sat down to eat as a family.  A wonderful meal and actual conversation that went beyond ("huh?" & "nope").

We must have sat at the table for almost two hours just hangin' out.  Nobody jumped from the table to get back to whatever they were doing (or watching).  And miracle of all, my two sons spent more than 5 minutes in the same room without arguing.  Heaven, I tell ya'!

I can't remember what we talked about, but what I do remember is the men folk (all three) looking at me and asking me why we never used the room.  Sad but true... and I didn't have an answer...How crazy is it to work so hard to make something so inviting, filled with things you love, and forget to include the people you love most of all?

But the most surprising thing?  From that point forward, we have eaten dinner together at the table (sans TV, but with some pretty hip rock 'n roll in the background... and a mean game of "name that tune"!) nearly every Sunday night since. Stranger still?  My "boys" are actually 14 and 15 year old "young men" and they are the ones who look forward to it the most!

Last weekend we were out of town and the boys stayed with friends.  When we got back on Monday afternoon, Davis was the first one to ask me if we were going to have "Sunday night dinner tonight, since we missed it yesterday"

Gotta' Love It!

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  1. Hi, Lora! This is my first visit to your blog from BNOTP. What a beautiful post! First, I have to tell you how much I love your dining room! It is so fresh and original and pretty! The floating shelves are fabulous, and I LOVE your chandelier!!! It's also SO beautifully furnished with all the gorgeous white! I am so glad that you and your family are now taking advantage of it each week. It would be a shame not to!!! You have set a wonderful table here, and I really like the table covering. Your boys will come to really know and appreciate a nicely set table and will, I'm sure, pass the tradition on to their own children. It's great to know that Sunday Night Dinners are still on the radar out there! Beautiful!

    1. Alycia.... thanks for your lovely comments. The floating shelves are actually stock, black ones from Wal Mart that I painted to match the wall color. The "table cloth" is a shower curtain, of all things, that I re-purposed for this room because it matched so well.

      Was unable to respond directly to you, as you're listed as a "no reply" address, so I am hoping you will see this.

      Have a wonderful day!


  2. Beautiful table and a great idea that has turned into a wonderful weekly family time! And your appreciative sons will make some lucky ladies happy!!! (Love your Old Country Roses)


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