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After reading this post a while back, I started playing around with the idea of making some crates for my soaps and linen sprays.  Add to that some ASCP and a fifteen-year-old who just completed a carpentry class at school, and I was in business!

After a little paint, some distressing, and a light wax & buff, the team came up with this:

I've since tackled the "Buck Bros." (no lie...real name) Miter Box and have managed to cut and assemble these, as well as a few other versions on my own.

(3 Votive Candle Holder in Graphite with Vanill√© Noir Hand-Poured Votives)

Love me some Home Depot (and the nice folks in the paint department wondering what on earth anyone needs with 2 dozen paint sticks!).  They should see what I've done with last week's molding...

**Helpful Tip:  You can get the paint sticks (a few at a time, or so) for free from Home Depot.  I've tried buying them from HD in larger quantities, but they always (politely) decline and ask me how many I want for free...  I've gotten up to 18 or so.  Wal-Mart sells them for .50 each- however; the wood is slightly thinner and a lot softer.  The ones from WM tend to split really bad when you go to staple/nail them together. I could have sworn I read somewhere that a person was able to BUY them from HD by the bundle.... but so far, no luck here.

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