It's A "Do-Over"...

....or a new life for an old blog (or, a new blog for an old broad?)!   It's been quite a while, but there are many talented people out there who have inspired me to make a fresh start.  So, many thanks.  I can't wait to get started!

I celebrated my 49th birthday this year, and while the big five-oh-my-ga is just around the corner, the age part is just a number to me.  The "ga" is the realization of what that number represents.  In two or three years, my 2 youngest will be out of high school and on to college, my oldest will be celebrating a milestone of his own: the big three-oh, and my man & I will be empty nesters.

That's when my head starts spinning and I start thinking of all the things I still want to do "while I'm young".  This blog is one of them.... and the rest will follow.

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