Re-Purposed Quilt Rack...

A friend of mine picked up this quilt rack for me a while back, thinking I could paint and fix it up. Now I'm all for the "distressed" look and I love the whole blue-turquoise color family, but this is too much for even me!  (and this was not photoshopped for effect!)
This is after I took it apart and brought it into the house.  Mind you, this is not milk paint that "flakes" off naturally.  This is a latex paint over wood (with no primer).  Not to be disparaging... but it needs a little TLC! 

The more I looked at the pieces... the more a picture came to my mind.  Looks like an arrow to me!
And this is one side after a fresh coat of ASCP in Provence over the original finish. None of the holes were plugged when it was fully assembled- just the countersunk screws.  So I just added some wooden plugs and painted them to match.  A little original vinyl work and it's done!
The other side I gave a lighter coat of Provence to and distressed it pretty heavily to get down to the wood added some hooks and called it a day. 
I was left with 5 pieces of flat wood (the rungs, I guess you'd call them) and turned them into these:
We call that 7 for the price of one!  What a deal, what a steal!

Next Up... Check back Friday for tips on fixin' up those kitchen barstools.

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