Got Milk?....

In addition to the Fresh Eggs sign I made for my Mother's birthday (read the details here) I also made a smaller chalk-board sign with a vintage inspired "drink milk" image I designed. The first time I laid it out, I didn't take into consideration that I wanted the bottle shape cut out (not solid, with lettering inside)

See what I mean?  Which would have been fine I guess in another application, but just not what I wanted. And, of course, my 18 year old wanted to know why in the world I had put one of my "signs" on a cutting board.  Geez.... kids... they just don't get it!!  (it didn't stay there... but it was within arms reach at the time and I didn't want to waste the vinyl!)

This one will be perfect propped on top of her Hoosier Cabinet in the kitchen with her vintage tins, etc.  For me, I've got some hardboard lying around and think I'll turn this into a chalkboard with the image justified to the left... writing space to the right.  That should look pretty cool, I think!

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