Console Table from Foot Board...

Several months ago I purchased an antique bedroom set (dresser, mirror, head & foot board with side rails) off of Craigs List for a very good price.  At the time, I really only wanted the dresser.... I didn't have a need for the bed.  But the price was right and the woman was selling both as a set (I basically got the bed for free).

I finished the dresser a while back (I'll show the pictures of that in another post).

This is a project we created using the antique head board....

You can read all of the details about it  here.

The foot board I kept in my stash, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Several months later, it struck! This is just after I'd removed the ruined veneer from the center. There was small beaded trim work that was broken in places and had to be removed.  I saved some of the larger "chunks" for another use down the road.  If you've ever shopped for trim pieces in the store, you'll know that stuff ain't cheap!

This was after sanding it to smooth out the surface.  You'll notice I've also removed the scroll work piece from the bottom.  I wanted a straight line on what would become the back of the table (the part against the wall or sofa).

At first my plan was to paint it in ASCP Old White.  This is after 2 coats.  Something about the ornate section at the top was buggin' me.  It looked odd to me I guess because the rest of the piece was pretty "plain".  And leaving it on, to me, made it look like exactly what it was.  Part of a bed....which would eventually be "stuck" on some legs and called a table.  Not the look I was going for. 

I ended up having my son cut the top off... and I changed the color, too.

And this is the end result.  My son routed the edge where we removed the scroll work and I ended up going with 2 coats of Graphite and clear wax. 

And the piece we cut off of the top...

...became this.  

Out of a bed I didn't need or want, I was able to make a custom sandwich board sign for the shop, a console table for someone's living room, and a unique towel/coat rack.  

Can't beat that with a stick!

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