A Work in Progress...

Several months ago I bought an antique bedroom set for a VERY good price off of Craigslist.  It included an ornate dresser with a mirror and a full sized bed frame... complete with footboard, headboard and the side rails. I wanted the dresser for a one-day hopeful bathroom remodel... using a repurposed dresser for a bathroom vanity. It's not become popular in decorating, but  I've had a picture in my inspiration folder for about 20 years. Photos of the completed project coming soon.... it's currently be stored in my master bedroom closet until I can actually afford the remodel!  What's that about putting the cart before the horse????

Any-who... to be honest, I didn't need nor want the bed, but the price for the set was cheap enough so that the bed was basically free.... I figured I could do something with at some point.

Then I got a request from the ladies that own the shop where I rent my space from for a custom sidewalk chalk board.

The headboard was repurposed to this...

I had my son cut the headboard in half and I flipped it upside down with the middle/ cut-line on the bottom.  We added legs on the inside for support (which were pieces of the slats that came with the frame), but I didn't like the way it looked at the bottom.  So I had Davis cut one of the side rails and I attached it as a skirt at the bottom over the legs.  A few coats of chalk board paint on the inside (inside of the original routed edges) and along the rails, some custom cut vinyl using the font from their logo.... and there you have it!  A custom sidewalk chalk board that is as unique as their shop! 

I love the way it turned out.... but better yet, so did they!

This is what I started with...I still have the very bottom section and legs left over to turn into something else later down the road.  (Please disregard the miscellaneous dirt, etc. in the work room!)

So I'm now left with the footboard.... and a much needed project to start.  I haven't painted or made anything since before the holidays and I'm startin' to get jumpy!

This is the beginning stages.  There was a veneered piece on the top and bottom middle section that bugged me... it is also on the matching dresser drawers.  I left the pieces in tact on the dresser, but once I finished painting it, it bugged me.  Kinda' reminds me of a circus tent!  It bugged me a lot...but not enough to remove and repaint, so I'm learning to live with it.

But before I started on the footboard, I decided to remove the "circus" veneer... you know.... not to be bugged even further!

You'll have to check back on Tuesday to see the progress....any guesses?

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