A Handmade; Homemade Christmas Day 3...

I realize this post is coming "after the fact", but most of the items I made for the boys could be for any occasion (not just the holidays) and may inspire someone to make a birthday, anniversary or any other time a little more special.... without a lot of time or money invested.  Just a lot of imagination!

A friend of mine had picked up a small half-round side table for me recently.  It had a REALLY bad black paint job and was rickety as all get out.  Not something I would pick out myself, but she thought I might be able to fix it up.

Unfortunately, I could not get it fixed to properly support anything and it basically fell apart during the process.

I took the top off altogether and had my son sand the warping out until it was smooth.  Little did he know at the time it was going to become a gift for him!

I left the black paint in the grooves around the edges, stained the flat surface and custom cut vinyl for the lettering.

Now he has a custom made sign to go over the door to the workshop... and he loved it!

Just another example of taking one thing and re-styling it to become something else.  What do you have that you can repurpose?

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