Ode to Patti LaBelle...

also entitled... "I've got a new attitude" (here's hopin' you'll be humming that song in your head all day long now!)

Design aficionados consider the 1950's as "mid century modern"... the literal explanation being the "mid point" of the 20th century.

After a 10 year marriage that ended poorly and a subsequent 10 year relationship with  "my best friend and the man of my dreams" (that also ended poorly)  I now find myself at the "mid-century" mark of my life.

I've started and stopped this blog several times over the past few years.... but I think I've finally found my niche.

It's not a "how to" or "what to" or even "I'm over 50 and lonely" blog. 

What I hope it becomes is a record of the second half of my life.  What my goals are, what I hope to accomplish, who inspires me.... and maybe I'll connect with women that face the same challenges along the way. 

I don't regret anything or anyone that has brought me to this point... rather I'm looking up and over to try and visualize what I can become on my own.  I hope you'll join me on my way. 

 Circa 2001.  My Mother, Sister & myself on my oldest son's 18th Birthday.
Some pretty awesome women! 

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