Signs of Spring.... Hand Painted Easter Pails

Available for a limited time at Two and A Half Women, custom hand-painted Easter pails.   An updated alternative to the standard "basket".... perfect for carrying on  "the hunt" or use them to fill with candy or small tokens!

Metal pail, hand painted in a custom mix of chalk paint.  Choice of Bunny Profile or Easter Egg design. (pail measures approx. 5" high, and 7" around) 

If you're local (to the Outer Banks) and are interested in purchasing one, shoot me an email through the Contact Me link.

Here's to spring being just around the corner!

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  1. For a lot of people, a favorite childhood memory is the Easter egg hunt. These pails are colorful and I really enjoy the design. As a metal pail, instead of a traditional Easter basket, it is far more durable. I really like the look of chalk paint on pieces as well.

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