It's A Start.....

Although I was hoping to have a goodly portion of the work done by today, it has taken me a little longer than I imagined.  That being said, I don't have pics of the big reveal that I was hoping for, but I have at least made a good start.

After numerous years of "wishing" I had a place to call my own.... a place where I could sell all of the things I "dream up" during the winter months, I think I've finally found that place. 

I am very excited to be taking a "booth space" at a local (albiet 40 miles away...) antique venue effective Sept. 1st.  The thing that excites me the most is that it's in the historic district of a nearby county that is going through a major re-furbishment.  Main Street is just that.... beautiful archetechture, cobblestone streets and some pretty amazing structures. 

I check Craigs' List every other day looking for furniture or antiques to repurpose for no other reason than what I could invision for myself or maybe my family...for the past few months I've seen postings from a small antique shop in downtown Elizabeth City advertising booth space to rent.

Every time I've inquired, I've been too late and there were no spaces available.  The day before my 50th. birthday, there was another posting stating they had a few spaces available on a first come- first serve basis. I took the jump and texted them that I was interested and made the trek out there 2 days later.  After looking at the building itself, and the surrounding area I was sold.  If I never sell anything, I guess I'll just be happy to be in such a beautiful building. 

It's a journey I'm so very happy to be taking.... and one I hope to share with you all!

I'll be sure to post more as I complete the first stages of setting up.


  1. Good luck, Lora! I am on the lookout for a booth space, too. There is a local place by me, but I just couldn't see myself in there. It's too much like a garage or attic setting. I've put my name on a waiting list for another place but that could be awhile before they have any openings. I never thought to check Craig's List. Your sachets are so pretty.

    1. Thanks for your well-wishes, Kathy. I'm sending you a private message as well. I had a couple of questions for you.



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