What Does the Home Depot Think....?

Just curious....

Based on sales in the last, say... 18 months or so have they begun to believe that every member of the Professional Painters Club has united and chosen Home Depot as their ONLY source for drop cloths?  "Cheap, disposable plastic?  Heck No, we say!  Only drop cloths.... and they MUST be from Home Depot!"  (we don't have a Lowes here, yet... but it's just around the corner.... will sales plummet, then?)

Or have some of the higher-up, orange clad execs googled "drop cloths" and seen a plethora of projects utilizing those inexpensive, upholsterers dream of a fabric?

I'm thinking it's the latter....

Not only are the prices increasing ever so slightly each time I purchase one, but now I'm finding more & more sizes (at least at our HD).  Last year my choices were limited to 2 sizes.... small and large.  Today, there were 5 sizes.... and your choice of 8 or 12 ounce weights!

I'm thinkin'  the jig is up!

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  1. you're probably exactly right. they are on to us now so we all better grab them before they price goes even higher:)


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