On Turning 50....

(hence the new
(my father & I .... circa 1995 at my wedding)
For me it was turning 30 that knocked me for a loop! When you're twenty-something, that big Three-Oh just seems so OLD.... (and for those reading this that are in that going-on-thirty stage now ... trust me, you'll breeze right through it!).

(my mother, sister & I.... Charlie's Angels style!  circa 2001.... my oldest son's 18th birthday!)  

40 didn't bother me in the least (although everyone kept telling me it would!).  I was turning the corner on a new life as a single parent (of two small children) and more than being scared of what was ahead, I was looking forward to being on my own.
( Bug, Dude & Mom....  still one of my favorite photos!)
Now fifty?  That's one to ponder!  I don't feel old....unless it's the occasional twinge here and there!  I still listen to the radio at full tilt - without making the switch to the easy listening station thankyouverymuch!  I love my family and my home.  A new project will always excite me and I've been motivated & inspired on a daily basis by all the creativity I see out there!

I started blogging for several reasons.... you can read about that here.

I'm blessed with 3 beautiful sons that I hope to be raising into awesome men!

I've been lucky to enough to find the man of my dreams and to share my life with someone that supports and encourages me in whatever I do (and loves me no matter how old I get...!).

And I am truly fortunate to be able to look forward to what the future brings!

It's all about perspective... that, and my "super hero" powers to age in reverse!

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  1. Thirty was my hard year, too!!! LOL! Glad to know the rest are bliss!!! Love your blog!!!

    XO, Aimee


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