A Few Good Things....

.... thanks to Vinny's Antique Center and my "smarter than me" phone, this is what I found while up North last week.

The small knives are marked Rogers, Lunt & Bowlen Co.  The blade is fairly thin and was most likely sharp at one point, with a point on the end.   I'm not quite sure what they may have been used for, but when I did a Google search I found out through Wikipedia that the company was founded in 1902.  In 1935, the company name was changed to Lunt Silversmiths.  I'm not sure if they changed the branding of their silver once they changed the company name..... but if they did, it might mean that this set dates back prior to 1935.  How cool would that be?

(In 2009, the company and remaining inventory was sold to Reed & Barton and in 2010 the company filed for bankruptcy. )

I love the forks.... they have one tine that is "pointy-er" than the other two.  They remind me of pickle forks.  They are also marked, but even with my glasses and a flashlight pointed right on top, I still couldn't make out what it said. Pretty sad when you have to use a magnifying glass WITH your glasses.... I use all my old silver... for butter knives, dip spreaders.... you name it.  I can't see it just leaving it sitting in the drawer.

I'll use the old molds for candles.... they had a bunch of different ones, but these were the only ones that were flat on the bottom.

The napkins are a "just 'cause" gift for my parents.... and the furry thing is my favorite find!  (have you ever tried explaining to a car full of men-folk what a "muff" is?..... not easy!).  But his Mom knew what it was right away!  It's actually for a child and the inside needs to be repaired (it's missing the lining), but that's an easy fix and it is sooooo soft.  The lady at the counter said it's seal (don't hate).

Just imagine what I could have come up with if I had more than an hour to look around!  Next time.....


  1. Oh my! You found some real treasures!

  2. Anonymous12:14:00 PM

    Due to the wider tine, the forks are known as cake forks.
    The knives are fruit knives and would have been served with an apple or pear, etc., on a small plate at table.
    Good find, and the design is very pretty! Good for you!


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