It Runs in the Family....

Just had to show a quick pic of Davis' latest art project.

(Yes... we are BIG North Carolina fans!).  It's actually a gift he made for his older brother (coming home for the holidays in 2 days).  It's his first attempt at mosaic and I think it turned out great!

It was originally the night stand in his room... he just unscrewed the top of it, took it to school to tile, then brought it home yesterday to re-assemble and frame the sides (another use for 5 gallon paint sticks).

His big brother is gonna' love it and he can be proud of himself for his efforts.  And I'm proud of him for giving of himself.... not his wallet.  Pretty cool!

Luckily (or is that sadly?) none of my children read my blog... so his secret is safe until Christmas.

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