Updated Bassett Dresser...

The client I painted the Lane cedar chest for (read the details here) was in the process of downsizing her home and gave me this dresser because she had no room or use for it (it came with all the drawers...this is just where I was when I remembered to take a picture).  She wouldn't let me pay for it so I offered to help her with setting up her new house when she was ready, or any other service I could offer, if she needed it.

It was an older Bassett dresser in mint condition, probably from the 60s or 70s.  Newer pieces have the logo stamped inside using an ink pad.  This piece had the actual raised emblem on the inside of one of the drawers (thank you for the tip RPK Interiors).

I wanted to paint it Paris Grey, but was out of it and too impatient to place an order.  Taking what I DID have, I blended French Linen, Old White and just a bit of Louis Blue.  The end result looked very much like Paris Grey, I was happy with the result, and I saved time and money in not having to order paint.

I painted all the details around the drawers in straight Old White as well as the inset of the top.

The bottom drawers only had one pull in the center of each drawer (which is the first time I've seen that) and the fixture itself was pretty large in that the holes for the screws on the back were set farther apart than standard pulls I've found.

Replacing the hardware was out, so I opted for my standard Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. In my mind I was thinking that the dark color would look good against the light grey.  Uhh.. nope!  At least not to me.  It looked very Spanish Modern to me (anyone else's parents ever had a orange crushed velvet sectional with a rod iron table?  No? Lucky me!)

I couldn't paint them white fast enough!  Much better.

It will be making its way to my sister's house soon as a part of her bedroom makeover we'll be doing.  Can't wait to see it in place.

And the generous woman that gave it to me had fabric and wanted to recover her kitchen dinette chairs but had never done it before.  When my son & I delivered the cedar chest to her new house, I took the chair cushions with me a fixed them for her.  On the value scale, certainly not worth as much as a free fabulous dresser, but for her she got "new" kitchen chairs and was able to get rid of a dresser she didn't want without having to pay movers or storage, and my sister has a new piece of furniture.  Win/Win!

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