Handmade Garden Tote...

Just a quick project today... just in time for summer gardening.

I have a habit of randomly weeding the garden beds out front. I'll see an obvious one on my way to the mailbox and pull it.  Then I'll notice its evil twin right next to it, and pull that one... and then the brotha' from anotha' motha' next to that, and so on until I forget what I came outside for in the first place (I hear that comes with age...)

I've been leaving a 5 gallon bucket next the the front stairs to carry around with me.  All that eye-gouging orange brightness and a handle to boot!

But then I remembered these garden totes we made a while back for the space at Two and a Half Women. The one picture in the back with the dish towels in it is one of  a couple I picked up last summer at TJ Max for an idea on construction and design.

The two in front (with the painted pails) we made at a fraction of the cost.  The ones shown are the smaller totes... about 12" long.  We also made a larger size at 18".   A little leftover plywood, some ASCP  and 2 coats of Polycrylic (versus wax, as they're meant to be used outside) and you're good to go.

Outside, you can use it to carry your clippers, gloves, bottle of water or much needed Skeeter Beater bug spray.  Yes... that's Skeeter... as in mosquito (we Southerners are quaint, no?)  and Yes it is much needed during the summer months in North Carolina! More importantly... it works just as well as Skin So Soft (anyone remember that tip?)

I've got the plans here somewhere... just hit the Contact Us link on the left side bar if you're interested!

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