What Happens When Your Teenager Goes to the Grocery Store...

...or in this case, the Wal Mart.

Last night my 17 year old needed to go to Wal Mart and asked me if I needed anything.  COOL- saves me a trip to the grocery store as I was hoping to make several batches of chocolate cookie dough tonight/tomorrow for one of my oldest son's Christmas gifts.  I had everything but the Crisco (don't hate... I've tried butter- flat like a pancake!) The best cookies I've ever made had good ole' Crisco in them and I have no remorse.  Stop on by anytime and I'll hook you up!

However... In order to get said Crisco purchased, you must first explain the CONCEPT of Crisco! 

Me:  "It comes in a tub... not sticks like butter.  Kinda' like a bucket.. only not.  Like "lard" but not(only, no one in my family knows what LARD is... so that was a mistake) and it shouldn't be more than about $4 dollars for the large container (remember those words.... they come back to haunt!)

Me: "Do you want me to write it down so you know what to get?"

Him: "No Mom, I'm sure I can figure it out"

A short time cell phone rings.... Me: "hmmm. Can't find it?"

Him: "The all-vegetable kind?"

Me: " It's not the already packed sticks right?  No?  Then bring it home!"

Which he did.

This is not the moral to the story.  The story is this:  I passed up buying a container the day before at the grocery store because a) the small container was like $3 or more, b) those oh-so-easy-to-measure sticks were over $4.50 (has anyone else noticed they now come in package of THREE not FOUR like they used to for the same price?  Kinda' like a pound of coffee that now weighs 12 oz.- but I digress) .

I figured I'd go to Wal Mart where most baking items are cheaper and come out ahead.  Instead I sent my son.

This is what I was given...

Nothing abnormal... until you look at it in scale..
That's right... a 50 gallon vat of Crisco (I exaggerate... but not by much!). And that whole "shouldn't cost more that $4 or so"?   Out of the $20 I gave him, I received a ten dollar bill and 2 pennies.
The moral is this.... when it's their money, they're tight as a tick.  When it's yours.... anything goes.
Shop yourself and save!!
And if you need any Crisco, let me know.  I'm selling it out of the back of my truck real cheap!

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