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As I was perusing a few of my favorite blogs this morning, I read a post at Maple & Magnolia that highlighted a great tool to use in conjunction with Craig's List (as an aside, if you've never read her blog, she has a beautiful one.... and finds some of the most awesome things!).

It's called Craigseasy.....

It's a free tool that basically lets you view your search results in IMAGE format (provided there is one attached to the ad), versus the LIST type where you have to click each individual listing to see the photos.

There was only one result found in my area (Smallville...) for my test search of "vintage industrial", but if there were several, they would all display on the page.

I like it because if you search using terms like "vintage" or "antique" it can take a while weeding the real from the not so real if you have to click on every link to actually view the listing.  This way, you see the photos FIRST and can go from there!

It takes less than a minute to load the application and you're off and running!

If you'd like to read the full article   my top 5 tips for finding craigslist treasure! that I came across this morning on Maple & Magnolias' site, just click Here.

Now get out there and let me know what kind of treasures you find!

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