When Your Phone is Smarter Than You...

As a general rule, I have a "no plugs required" rule for gifting.  Meaning that if it requires power or a cord to operate, can it really qualify as a gift?  While some may be thrilled to receive a vacuum, toaster (or any small appliance for that matter) as a gift, somehow there always seems to be an implied "task" included.

Just sayin'....

HOWEVER, I had to make an exception this year when my man bought me this right before the holidays.

I have to admit, I do like "techi stuff" and I've been eyeing his ever since he got it a few months ago.  I also have the tendency to get lost in a parking lot, so the fact that this has a built in navigation system is totally awesome!

Last week we were in Mass. visiting my man's family and I was itching to get out and about.  There must be 2 million antique stores in a 30 mile radius (slight exaggeration... but not by much!).

Recognizing I am "directionally challenged", I was thrilled to actually navigate to this place without incident.

Vinny's Antique Center in Seekonk, MA.  The place is huge.... 2 floors jammed packed with a boat load of stuff.  My man and the boys came with, so I only had about an hour to wander around, and I never made it to the ground level.

But next time we go up, I am so totally going back!  And a few more places to boot.  Yeah.... just me, the open road and my "smarter than me" phone.... and the little voice that tells me where to turn.... and possibly a U-Haul!

I'll post the few things I could grab in a hurry tomorrow.

And thanks, Man of Men, for my new phone!

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