Retro Cookie Tin...

Using the same process as shown in this post, I making these cookie tins for holiday baking gifts.

The text looks a little grey-er in this photo... it's actually a "blue-grey" color and I love the font! (thanks, JSIM...)

I started with a standard Dollar Store Christmas tin (they come in all shapes and sizes), but you could easily use tins you already have.  The only limit are the tins that are embossed... I had a cool, tall cylinder one I wanted to use, but the top was embossed with the product name so it wouldn't work.

In the past, I've used regular white spray paint to cover the outside.  This time I had white enamel appliance spray paint and used that instead.  It covers a lot better (just one coat) and has a really nice shine.  It costs a little more, but it was worth it.

For about $1.75 (the cost of the tin and the portion of paint I used) you've got a great gift.  Perfect for your mail man or paper boy (or mail person.... and I guess paper person, as well!) or as a take home gift if you're hosting a cookie swap.

Mine will be for teacher gifts...

...once I've made the cookies!

Just as an FYI... an upside "W" will work for an "M" in a pinch.... just sayin'

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  1. Anonymous1:07:00 PM

    VERY cute idea!!!
    Regarding the embossed lid.....
    take a scrap piece of wood that will fit inside your embossed article
    pad the top of the wood with some foam...any type will work
    put the embosse tin on top of the padding and take a small ballpeen hammer and just lightly thump the embossing(in a circle or oval pattern around the embossed area) until it skews it a bit
    when painted the tin will just look like it is textured in that spot;^)

  2. This is super cute.


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