Hand-Made for the Holidays.... Vintage Gift Tags

I came across some old Christmas cards I picked up a few years ago and decided to put them to use.  To save myself some money and make gift giving a little more special, I created these Vintage Gift Tags to use in place of the "clip art" style, stick-on ones.

I just import the images into a blank document (I use Publisher, but Word works just as well) and print using card stock.  I've used white and cream colored stock... I like the white for some, but the cream color gives it a little more "aged" look.

Once you've printed them, simply cut them out, punch a small hole in the corner (if you want to use as a hang tag) or just tape them directly to your package.  Easy nuf?

The complete set of six is available if you'd like to use them.  Just leave me a comment and I'll be happy to send you the file.  You can probably save the thumbnail directly from this post, but I'm not sure of the resolution or print quality.... besides, I like receiving comments!

Just let me know....

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