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This is a small side table I have sitting against the windows in my dining room (don't mind the clutter surrounding it... we're in the process of painting the living room and everything has been moved into this room!)

Originally, it was stained dark walnut.  When I painted all of the dining room furniture, I painted this table to match.  It was a little "plain jane" for me and I wanted to do something that would tie it into the room better.

I recovered the chairs in a pretty tulip pattern that I really love and I wanted to pull those colors onto the table.  The easiest way for me was to make a decal and apply it to the table.

I cut the individual flowers out of the material.  I then placed them on my scanner (image side down) and created an image in Photoshop.  Because the image didn't have any text involved, there was no need to "flip" the image before I printed them.

Using inkjet waterslide decal paper I found on-line ( I purchased mine here: ), I printed the image onto the paper.

This is a very easy process and could be used in so many ways.  There are complete instructions included with the decal sheets, but the most important tip is to coat the paper (on the image side) with clear coat.  It will take a couple of coats, but it dries quickly between each one.  This will keep the image from "bleeding" once you place it in water.

Once your sheets are dry, you're ready to go.  Just trim the image as needed (I cut out each individual flower so I could form my own pattern on the table).  The standard decal process is the same as with a store bought decal.  Once you've applied them to your surface, apply a coat of varnish/clear coat on top.

That's all there is to it, and you've got a custom piece of your own!  The decals will work on furniture, glass, tiles.... there are a ton of possibilities and you're not limited to what you can buy in the stores.

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  1. You did a lovely job! It's so charming!


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