An Update for Some Outdated Blinds...

I've had these wooden blinds on my living room windows for at least fifteen years.

They were custom made to fit the odd size of the windows and are still in great shape... I like the fact that they're wooden and that they let so much light into an otherwise dark room.  HOWEVER.... unfortunately, I don't have anything in my house that is hunter green any more.  Even the lighter tones of green that are in the room now are on their way out!

Even if I could afford it, I doubt I would replace them, but the dark green is bringin' me down! (that and the window treatments above... but that's another post for another day).

My solution?

Fabric Paint!

Now I realize in the picture you can still see the back side twill strip that was left dark green, but when you're in the room and looking at the blinds, you don't really notice it (at least I don't.... or choose not to!)  And once I've made new window treatments (coming soon...), the green will all but disappear.

Not a bad fix for $2.47 worth of paint and a couple hours of effort.  Oh.... and the window treatments above?  Vintage bark cloth being re-purposed into a holiday surprise (for you and me both!)

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