"Myth Busters.... Faux Mercury Glass" Part I

(Caution... this is a WORDY post so please forgive ahead of time...)

My kids watch Myth Busters all the time... if you've never seen it, you should tune in.  The show centers around a couple of guys taking something you see on the movies/TV/etc and proving whether it's a myth or can actually be done.  Crazy stuff like being propelled out of a moving vehicle (James Bond like) while moving down the highway.... you name it, they try it!

Our local news station has a spotlight for something similar.  They take a product you see on TV (like the cheap hands-free thing for your cell phone you plug into your car's cigarette lighter...can't remember the name) and reporting as to whether or not it works.

Those that know me, know that I'm a nut for antique glassware (all you'd have to do is walk through my dining room.... but again, that's another post for another day).  I like Mercury Glass and have one or two vintage pieces, but the cost has always been a little out of reach.

I've seen many tutorials in blog-land showing how to replicate Mercury Glass on the cheap.  I also came across an article of the same in Martha Stewart some time ago and figured I'd give it a whirl!

I started with This (cheap votives that I wanted to transform for the holidays, provided my "myth" proved doable)

Did This ('cause everything I read said to cover the OUTSIDE before spraying the inside)

Used This ('cause I couldn't find Krylon Mirror paint... but this said "reflective spray paint" about 75 times on the outside label so I figured it was pretty much the same)

And got This:

Myth or Reality?  Check back tomorrow for the final vote (and a change-up to the process)....

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  1. My wife actually figured out how to do this using the mirrored paint and water. First spray a little (as in fine mist) of water into the vase/candle thingy - then spray the paint. Move it around to get the drippy look - and repeat a few times until you have the mercury glass style you are looking for. Worked like a charm for her


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